Wednesday, May 20, 2015

GSoC bonding period

The bonding period of the Google Summer of Code is on going, and I have been in touch with the mentors of my project about once a week.

During this time (and also during the application process) I have been getting familiarized with the tools needed for the project: install an appropriate Conda environment, learn how to use git and Github, install the development versions of Astropy and Gammapy and make some pull requests for merging some code, add some documentations, and correct some (minor) bugs.

In addition, together with my mentors, I have started working on the API (application programming interface) for the toolbox for background modeling for Gammapy. The approach is to start writing down some typical use cases and from there write a high-level pseudo-code that should work with minimal modifications once the necessary tools are implemented.

One use case is for instance: having a list of off run event lists from a IACT system (such as H.E.S.S. or CTA), develop the necessary tools to divide the list of runs into specific bins according to the observation properties (for instance altitude and azimuth angles of the IACT system) and build bg templates for each bin.


  1. Could you please add a link to your gammapy.background API pull request? Ideally some people besides Axel and me will read this and then get involved in the discussion ...
    If you could send another email to the Gammapy mailing list with a link to the API pull request and your blog, that would be great and might help get people's attention.

  2. Good idea! I added the link.